Parachute Subsea Airlift Bags

Parachute Subsea Airlift Bag (PSAB) WLL: 0.1MT TO 50MT

  • Designed for safe subsea lifting and equipped with a single point attachment to the load-bearing webbing sling arrangement
  • Manufactured to FOS of 5:1 for the Airlift bag & FOS 7:1 for the Webbing Slings as per the requirements of IMCA D-016 Rev 4:2016
  • Bags are fitted with a top-mounted 3/4” inlet valve assembly and quick-release camlock coupling.
  • Top-mounted manual dump valve with a lanyard that can be operated from the bottom of the bag
  • Clearly labeled Inversion Line attachment point at the crown, with a minimum breaking force of 1.5 x the WLL of the airlift bag.
  • Fabricated from durable & UV-resistant 3 ply PVC fabric and RF welded seams for strength and integrity.
  • Supplied with User Manual and Logbook

Design of PSAB-100KGS to PSAB-1MT

Design of PSAB-2MT to PSAB-50MT

Parachute Subsea Airlift Bag (PSAB) WLL: 0.25MT to 50MT

All dimensions are approximate and subject to change without prior notice